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Tobias Faisst challenges the observer to a play with associations. The photographer`s pictures leave a lot of space for individual interpretations. His pictures do not have to be understood. He allows the observer to fill his work with one’s own content. The photographs, however, always follow a given structure: Graphic image buildup and color precision result in the general framework of his creative work process. Topics of interest arise naturally through a very subjective view on his surroundings. Connections between nature and staging, the overlap of reality and rendering, the relation between man and machine – fields that Tobias Faisst cultivates at times in his artistic development. Between the poles of art and design, close-ups of banality emerge, specifics that get lost in the wide-angle of objectivity and only become visible in extreme detail. For the viewer reality blurs into a self-defined sculpture. With intuition for materiality and composition Tobias Faisst prosaically reflects what gets lost in life’s complexity and pathos.

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